Hymen Repair Procedure

What is the Hymen


It is a thin piece of tissue that is just inside the vagina canal. It has no real function that we know of.  It is valued by many societies as a sign of virginity.

What causes it to break


The hymen is usually broken when something is inserted in the vagina. This may happen with the repeated use of tampons. More commonly it is torn with intercourse. IT can be torn with certain accidents.

What is hymen repair


Hymen Repair is also called Hymenoplasty, or Hymenorrhapy. This is a surgical procedure that corrects a torn hymen. It can be done with local anesthesia or with you sleeping. It is usually a day procedure and needs little recovery time. It is not very painful.

Who will benefit from hymen repair


Women who had an accident and are now afraid of being stigmatized by rsociety or is avoiding marriage can always have the torn hymen repaired. Also women who want to re-live their marriage experience or those who want a new beginning will choose to have this procedure done.

Is it expensive?


The procedure is very affordable, more so if done under local anesthesia. If a general anesthetic is needed, we will have to add the cost of that. 

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